Retta Rants about Dia de la Mujer (Day of the Woman)

IMG_9538 (1024x683)Last week we had dia de la mujer which is woman’s day. (And right before I was going to post it I realized that it was international women’s day but my points still stand.)

They talked about women in the olden days and modern women. And how women before were boring and didn’t do anything and didn’t think they could do anything but now all has changed. Now women are politicians and teachers and lawyers and nurses. (Soooo, we changed? You didn’t just, you know… find what we can actually be used for and upgraded us because I think that is a little bit less offensive. Or, you could even shoot for “because we just realized how awesome you females are” [but you know, shoot for the moon and if you miss you might just get burned by masses of incandescent gas or suffocated by lack of oxygen])

Wait no, I’ve got it. You’re just apologizing for the whole Eve thing. No? Oh.

IMG_9539 (1024x683)There were high school boys in dresses in skits at a Catholic school. (And today girls in very small skirts who were campaigning for student body president)* Sure these people are skirting the edge of good Catholics and Colombians but really!? Even my hard core liberal school doesn’t allow either.

All the boys got to skip class to practice for some skits they showed at the assembly. Sure the boys are “putting in lots of effort” to increase the quality of the show and it’s nice and all but why do the boys get to skip class to put on a okay-quality show about how women were boring and fixed it and thanking the girls at this school for having their ancestors change the world?

Most of us girls have not done anything for the society yet so stop celebrating and thanking us for what we may or may not even do. And everyone likes being appreciated even if they didn’t do something but instead of creating havoc and misinterpretations.  Why don’t you give us a day off because  (for example) Jane Austen published Pride and Prejudice that day? (By the way; brilliant book).

IMG_9540 (1024x683)Stop grouping us together! And stop congratulating us on something we have not done!

Please stop you don’t know what you are saying! Stop! Please!

But at least their intentions were good 😐

It is nice to be appreciated but for what!? For being born? You were too. Because we are going to be a legend? You might be too. Because we are going to have children? I hope you know you are also part of that process. Or because of what our ancestors did to change the world? They are your ancestors as much as ours. And why above all are you thanking us for it? Why aren’t you celebrating other people who have overcome obstacles in history like the Jews or colored people? Sure we escaped the claws of men but humanity has escaped from clutches of indifference so shouldn’t all of humanity be celebrated more than just these girls wh  o have not had any obstacles to overcome but which headband looks best with my pinafore and do you think he likes it? And even if we haven’t overcome obstacles then what have we done?

They made all the boys give roses to the girls as a thanks, but first of all how subjective is that on boys! Second of all we don’t need girls weeping tears of heartbreak when a boy carelessly flings a rose at a different girl and then absent-mindedly gathers a group to play soccer with him.

And roses. Why roses?

The teachers made sure all the girls got at least one rose and once all the girls got them they started plucking, pruning and taking the thorns off them. Can’t you enjoy what you have? This situation correlates to make-up. They are both vanity things used to cover up or take away the “bad spots”. And then what exactly are “bad spots” because your scars are just a part of you as those thorns are. Even to extreme levels of not being alive right now if you didn’t have that thorn or that stitch behind your ear.

Roses can mean many things. Maybe that is why people use it as a symbol for love. You could go all day with the analogies. Changing them for whatever situation you’re in. Like “When you severe a rose, it dies. Either in a minute or a day but it will die.” Or, “Thorns are essential to the roses beauty without them they are just another flower.” Or, “You can mess around with a rose all you want but eventually it will cut you.” Or even, “I can look all day for a rose without thorns. Will I find one? No.”  See, all day! So fun!

* I don’t think they realized there are a 1 to 5 ratio of boys to girls. They should have put the boys in tight clothes if they really wanted to win.


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